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My Deepest Gratitude to the Forever Yoga Community!!

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On Friday December 9th, 2016 we held our final class in the Wilton studio. A packed house moved and breathed and said a fond farewell with a few tears (ok… maybe more than a few on my part!).

When the final OM was finished it was time to pack up and pack up we did! They say “many hands make light work” and that was definitely the case here. The Wilton studio was cleared and ready to go in ONE HOUR. I still can’t believe that!

Ganesh is my copilot!

Off we went to the new studio in Milford and the unpacking and loading in was nearly as fast. The entire move was completed by 12:50pm! Class ended at 10:15am!! I mostly just stood back and watched in awe and wonder as everything seamlessly moved from one place to another without a single mishap. I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing the prop shelf being walked across the street or the paper light covers flapping in the wind as they were brought in to the new studio!

After that it was all about putting things away and getting ready for the 9am class the next morning with a pause to head over to PRANA for their Sip and Shop event that evening.

They say it takes a village too and that couldn’t have been more true with this move and everything that went into it. I simply could not have done this alone, especially not with that much speed, and I can’t THANK YOU all that helped physically, mentally and spiritually enough for all of your support. This move was one of the most stressful things I think I’ve ever done and you all helped keep me going in ways I can’t even begin to describe. Thank you really isn’t enough but it’s all I have at the moment.

Special thanks to the following for your help with the painting the day before Thanksgiving!

Chris, Tori, Ross, Manuela, Emma, Tracy, Jennifer, Sheila, Justin, Mom & Dad.

Special thanks to the following for your help with the move from Wilton to Milford!

Sheila, Tracy, Ross, Bill (who drove an hour and a half one way to help!), Deb, Jo, Linda, Donna, Chris, Gail and Dad. Also Leslie, Karen and Cassandra for helping put things away after everything was in.

An extra special shout out to Ross Taylor who spent nearly as much time at the new studio getting the painting and construction finished (and fixing a couple of unforeseen issues) as I did in the days leading up to and after the move. I really couldn’t have done this without you Ross! Thank you for everything!

An extra special shout out to Chris Jubett of Chris Jubett Painting for all your help and advice during the painting and construction process. You saved us so many times I totally loss track! We’d still be trying to get the place finished if it hadn’t been for you!

If you have painting work you’d like done in your home or business please contact Chris Jubett Painting at 603-769-1890.

Free estimates available and fully insured.

Tell him Forever Yoga sent you!

And just like that it was time to practice in the new space for the first time!

9AM Core Strength Vinyasa 12/10/16

10:30am Yin Yoga 12/10/16

I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises for those of you that haven’t made it into our new home yet, but here are a couple of sneak peeks:

Lobby seating and shoe storage at night

Retail area is ready for holiday shopping!

A great deal of work has been done since these images were taken including a HUGE upgrade to the Ganesha room altar wall. You’ll just have to come in to see that one for yourself! The Lakshmi room (yes there is more than one room!) isn’t quite ready yet but we’ll have that up and running for small groups and private sessions very soon.

Again, thank you doesn’t begin to cut it. I shouldn’t be amazed, but I am so amazed by this community. You are an amazing group of yogis and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible. I hope you enjoy our new home in Milford as much as I already do!

With much love and gratitude,


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