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Cost: $50.00 for the workshop. Add the evening puja for just $10.00 more when attending the workshop. See below for details.

Offered for the first time ever!!

Mantra adds power to pranayama. Increased prana accelerates mantra benefits. Synchronized mantra and pranayama can develop dharana, focused concentration of life energies. Resulting gains in physical health & greater mental vitality empower progress in personal goals. Strengthened dharana is a prerequisite to advanced yoga experiences & outcomes.

“During the practice of pranayama, repeat the mantra, mentally synchronizing its silent flow” ~ B K S Iyengar

“Pranayama is of two types, one done without mantras and the other with mantras.” ~ Sri T Krishnamacharya

Join us to experience & learn:

  • Mantras appropriate for certain forms of pranayama.
  • Sabija (mantra) pranayamas to unite prana & apana, and improve dharana (focus).
  • Chandra & Surya pranayamas, with several mantras specific to balancing left/right polarities (Ida/Pingala nadis), with highlights of health benefits per medical research.
  • A vocal mantra technique Vyahriti Chakra Dharana coordinated with breath.
  • Vocal or silent Mantras to purify the nadis and stabilize increased prana flow.
  • Slow gentle breathing exercises appropriate for beginners, plus options for advanced practice (e.g. brief breath retention with or without bandhas.)

Includes detailed handout & recording of workshop mantras. 3 CE Credits for RYT -Yoga Alliance 

Bill Barry 2012Bill Francis Barry (Bharata)is a certified Teacher of Mantra, Vedic Priest, with a degree in Yoga (Univ. of Mass). He has been a student and practitioner of mantra, yoga and Vedic studies since 1969. His studies included in-person training with Namadeva Acharya, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Muktananda,Swami Satchidananda; plus the works of Sadguru Sant Keshavadas. His University of Mass credentials include M.Ed, MBA, BA, BS & 500+ hours Yoga Teacher Training. He teaches workshops in Sanskrit Mantra, Inner Nada Yoga, Learning Puja Ceremony and offers puja services & private consultation.

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“Bill is the kind of teacher who not only offers a great deal of wisdom, but does so with warmth, love, and grace. Through the chanting of Sanskrit mantra, we all felt the positive vibrational energy that the practice generates, and gained understanding of the context and meaning of those mantras.” – D.H.

Lakshmi Puja will be offered in conjunction with this workshop at 7pm.

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Your preregistration for this workshop is appreciated and required. Should you wish to attend the puja as well, you may add this on to your registration after clicking the button below.


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