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Cost: $30.00

Open to all levels of practitioners! Some yoga experience is recommended.

Everything in and around our bodies resonates to sound and vibration. We all hold within our bones, blood, organs, emotional and etheric bodies, the harmonious vibrational memory that is the organizational patterning for perfect health. Our body’s intelligence knows and remembers perfect health. From time to time, we loose our balance and dis-ease comes into the body. Through concentrated intention on the 7 major energy centers (chakras), the contrast of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga and the healing sound vibration of the tuned Crystal Bowls, we’ll seek to bring that balance, ease and freedom back to the body in this two hour class.

Yin Yoga, instead of stretching and stimulating the muscles, focuses on stimulating the connective tissues and joints, improving the flow of Chi or Prana through these areas. This is accomplished through passive holding of specific postures for 3-5 minutes, using the breath to ease the body further into the pose. Don’t let the time intimidate you! The Yin postures are not difficult to hold for these periods of time and are frequently supported by props to allow you to release and relax. In this class, we’ll move through a series of Yin postures that will focus on each of the 7 main chakras in the body. Then we’ll shift into a more flowing yoga experience with a vinyasa practice that will continue moving the body through accessible postures that activate and balance the 7 energy centers. Throughout the practice the healing sound of Crystal bowls which are specifically tuned to the frequency of each center will increase the meditative and energetic effect of the practice. The class will end with a 30 minute sound bath from the crystal bowls while lying on the floor in Shavasana for a final complete relaxation and experience of harmony.

Please join us for this evening of deep healing and peaceful practice.

priscilla gale


Priscilla Gale is formerly an international opera singer, now as Minister and High Priestess, she is devoted to a life of learning, having studied multiple spiritual paths and healing modalities in the service of mankind, and the planet. She offers Reiki, Crystal and Himalayan bowl playing and other healing services. Learn more about her by visiting




Jessica M. Lang Wright is a Reiki practitioner, former freelance musician and the owner and principal teacher at Forever Yoga. Learn more about her by reading her full bio here.






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