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Jul 01

Happy Fourth Anniversary to US!

Happy Fourth Anniversary to US!

7.1.12 Forever Yoga was born and I can tell you most definitely there was not 15 beautiful souls #practicing #asana, #breathing and #chanting together that day like there was on our 4th anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has walked through our doors and made this community possible! 💙🙏🕉 #gratitude #grateful #dreamsdocometrue #yogastudio #love #yoga via […]

Mar 06

This is why we go to class!

This is why we go to class!

Why go to a yoga class instead of staying at home to practice on your own? This is why!! There is nothing like the group energy of a class practice. We had some fun with “Rockette Warrior 3” today and I think everyone felt the difference. We practice together to experience community and lift each […]

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