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Part of our mission at Forever Yoga is to make yoga accessible to as many different populations as possible. We understand that in the current economic climate, it may be difficult to make yoga part of your weekly routine in a studio like ours. With that in mind, we are happy to offer this new weekly class that will allow you to pay what you can while enjoying the benefits of a guided yoga practice with a trained teacher. As an added bonus, 50% of the donations collected each month will go to charity! A win-win for all!

Our recent Teacher Training graduates as well as some regular staff members will guide this class!  A new teacher each week will keep this class fresh and interesting for all. Visit our Facebook Page or subscribe to our weekly newsletter to find out more about each week’s class.

September Charity – A Reason To Ride (Ashley will be participating in this ride! Good luck Ashley!)

September Scheduled Teachers

September 3rd – Susan Westaway

Join Susan, a 2017 graduate of the Forever Yoga 200 hour teacher training program for an all levels vinyasa class. In this class, we will move through traditional yoga poses that will focus on opening the hips, and relieving tension in the body. This conscious movement will ultimately prepare the body to sit comfortably in stillness for a brief meditation practice, before the final reward of shavasana.

September 10thAshley Peck

Join Ashley for a refreshing class that begins with a gentle flow and finishes with the guided relaxation of Yoga Nidra—the perfect way to let go of your cares and worries and move into a new week with a clear head and happy heart! Yoga Nidra is translated as “yogic sleep.” It is one of the deepest forms of meditation and elicits an incredible sense of calmness, quietness, and clarity. It is said that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to four hours of deep sleep…who doesn’t need that?!

September 17th – Sheila Rogers

Join Sheila for a class as we embrace the changing season for this week’s fall equinox is the time where we say goodbye to summer and hello to winter. It is a time where equal amounts of energy spreads throughout the world. It is a time where the days begin to shift from light to dark. It is a time where the fruitfulness of summer transitions to harvest. And it is a great time for reflection, introspection and balance.  Come explore equality and balance through graceful balancing sequences followed by a wind down of restorative poses using blankets, bolsters and blocks for support, allowing you to relax and leave with a refreshed, restored and balanced mind and body.

August 24th – Tracy Jakusik


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