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Join Addie Griggs for an All Levels Kripalu Yoga class to benefit her walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society this spring. Five element yoga developed by Jennifer Reis, integrates the rich traditions of Kripalu yoga, Integrative yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and traditional chinese medicine. This class includes all the elements weaved with asanas, pranayama, meditation, and even (optional) massage. According to the ancient wisdom of yoga, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are archetypal building blocks that make up everything in the universe, including the human body and nature. With this All Levels elemental yoga class, we bring all the elements into the practice, sparking your fire flame, grounding with your earth element, flowing with the water, moving gracefully and freely with breathe as air,  and feeling bliss with ether. This class includes warming up the body, learning/practicing pranayamas, and flowing in an self-awareness without self judgement. How can we go inward, to generate positivity outward? This class is open to all levels, with love and light! <3

Addie Griggs, RYT200 began practicing yoga in 2010 in curiosity to try something new. Little did she know she was entering the next stage of her spiritual path.  It her yoga practice that has truly helped shape the person she is today. After graduating high school and traveling the west coast, Addie settled in Colorado where she stayed until in 2016. In February of 2016 she entered a month-long immersion at Kripalu, where she received her 200 hour certification and studied with some of the most amazing teachers in the United States. Practing and learning more about hatha yoga, she gained skills that have led her to her to discover her life’s and hearts longing, to heal and help others heal. In her free time she enjoys going on nature walks, reading books, sipping a nice hot cup of tea, and creating art.

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