Ashley Peck - Instructor

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Ashley Peck fell in love with yoga during high school, when she and her earthy-crunchy friend discovered a new yoga studio in their town and began taking classes together a couple nights a week. She maintained a very “on” relationship with yoga throughout high school, but fell into a more tenuous, “will they/won’t they” type of relationship with yoga during her college and post-college years when things like classes, rowing for the women’s crew team, and working multiple jobs got in the way.

In late 2014, Ashley reconnected with yoga in a very powerful way, which led her to eventually enroll in the Yoga NH Teacher Training program in the fall of 2015. Now armed with RYT-200 status, Ashley aims to share her love of yoga, conscious breathing, and meditation with anyone and everyone in a fun, playful, and accessible manner.

When she’s not on her mat (or stuck behind a desk during her day job), Ashley can be found running, biking, frolicking around in the mountains, practicing Reiki on her cats, enjoying a cup of tea and good book, writing, or trying to convince her husband to attend a yoga class with her.

What People Are Saying About Working with Ashley

"Ashley urged us to find our edges and to soften them. She asked us to breathe deeper than we ever have before, then try again. She emboldened us to try something new in our familiar poses and perhaps find a different way to be there, in the moment. She gifted us with inspiring words and gentle encouragement to grow with and into our practice by discovering new ways to be with ourselves.  Ashley is a fantastic addition to the Forever Yoga team."

-- Helen D.

Ashley brings to her classes the energy of a climber-runner-cyclist, tempered with a quiet calmness and engaging humor. She always tunes in to her students' state of being on any given day, encouraging requests and acknowledging that sometimes, one might not feel up to a particular pose, and would appreciate a modification. Her vinyasa with yoga nidra classes are a perfect balance of movement and stillness. I also love to exchange tips on good books to read-she has sent some great titles my way!!

-- Deborah Heller