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Yoga Tune Up™ Series #3 - Core & Spine

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Yoga Tune Up™ Series

with Cathy Mook

Session #3 - Core & Spine

Thursday October 25th, 7-8:30pm

Cost: Full Series - $80.00, Single class drop in - $25.00*

*Yoga Tune Up™ balls will be supplied for the workshop but you may also purchase your own from the instructor for an additional fee. Details below.  

About the series:

Using Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls, we will take a rolling anatomy tour through the body to RELEASE aches & pains, RELIEVE tension, and RESTORE ease in the body. Come empower yourself with self massaging techniques to counteract the effects of stress, hydrate muscles, enhance breathing, increase mobility, improve posture, & performance and enable you to live better in your body. It will be UNBALL-IEVABLE how much better you will feel!

About this class:

               Restore your core by massaging the deepest abdominal layers and your diaphragm using the coregeous ball. Deep abdominal breathing is one of the best ways to turn off the "stress response" and begin to trigger the relaxation response. Massaging our core will not only help with relaxation; it will aid in digestion and elimination, stimulate the immune response, enhance breathing, and improve posture. This class will include core strengthening and stretching. Please refrain from eating two hours prior to class.

Yoga Tune Up Balls will be available for purchase at the workshop for an addition price.

Originals~$15, Coregeous ~$13, Plus~ $15, Alpha~ $17