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Yoga Fundamentals Series: Shoulders & Chaturanga

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About this series:

Whether you are a newer practitioner or have a more seasoned practice, these short workshops will focus on some fundamental aspect of the physical practice to reignite your curiosity, find new depth or create new understanding. We’ll go through the basics and then apply them to a progressive series of postures that will allow you to explore aspects of the practice that might not be possible to explore in depth in a regular group class setting. Space will be limited for individual attention. If you find a workshop you'd like to take is sold out, please email us to be placed on a waiting list. If interest is strong, a class may be repeated at a future time with waiting list people given priority.

This workshop: Shoulders & Chaturanga

There's an old joke in the yoga community - Chaturanga is Sanskrit for shoulder shredder! But it really doesn't have to be!

If you've ever struggled to execute or understand this challenging posture this workshop is for you! We'll begin with a general overview of how the shoulder joint works, what makes it unique and some common misalignments that could, over time and repetition cause pain or injury. We'll then work through some range of motion exercises to open the shoulders and discover your unique structural configuration in the shoulder area. Finally, we'll solidify your understanding of Chaturanga as a posture, engage with some actions to strengthen areas needed to execute the pose well and play with some propped versions of the posture that might help to improve your alignment and understanding of the pose. You need not ever have done this posture or have a desire to do it any time soon, but you will walk away with a greater understanding of this important area of your body and how to keep it safe and healthy for a long and sustainable yoga practice for years to come.  


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