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Yoga Fundamentals: Hands


Yoga Fundamentals: HANDS
with Jessica
Wednesday September 25th, 7-8:30pm
Cost: $25.00

About this series:

Whether you are a newer practitioner or have a more seasoned practice, these short workshops will focus on some fundamental aspect of the physical practice to reignite your curiosity, find new depth or create new understanding. We’ll go through the basics and then apply them to a progressive series of postures that will allow you to explore aspects of the practice that might not be possible to explore in depth in a regular group class setting. Space will be limited for individual attention. If you find a workshop you'd like to take is sold out, please email us to be placed on a waiting list. If interest is strong, a class may be repeated at a future time with waiting list people given priority.

This workshop: HANDS

Yoga asks us to do something that we don't normally do as human beings - put significant amounts of our body weight into our hands! In fact, it can ask us to do this fairly regularly and sometimes even ask us to stand on our hands. This is a great way to build our upper body strength, but if not done properly it can cause pain and strain over time. If we already have challenges in our hands, wrists and shoulders, proper use of our hands during our yoga practice becomes even more important.

If you've experienced hand or wrist pain before, during or after a yoga class than this class is for you! We will focus in on the proper placement of the hands on the mat, where weight in the hands should be felt and where it should not, and some basic ideas to help strengthen our hands. You’ll get to experiment with different ideas that may make improvements in your use of your hands in your practice for your unique body structure. We'll then work through postures that will require the use of good hand placement in increasing levels of difficulty to solidify our understanding. Towards the end of the class, we'll settle into a shavasana that will include a special treat for our hard working hands. 

You'll leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of how to properly use your hands during your practice and areas where you can make improvements for better overall safety and ease. 


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