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Deep Rest: A Yoga Nidra Mini Retreat

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Deep Rest: A Yoga Nidra Mini Retreat

with Jessica

Sunday September 23rd, 4-7pm

Cost: $35 in advance, $45 day of event/at the door

The busy summer is over, the kids are back in school and you're settling into a routine again. While the crazy days of summer and return of the fall may be full of joy, you're finding you are completely and utterly exhausted from it all.  Or maybe your routine stayed steady but the demands of daily life are simply wearing you down. You're weary from responsibilities, disillusioned from stress and overwhelm and looking for clarity in how to find balance and purpose. Taking a long retreat from everyday life would be nice but it's just out of the question for you right now. With this mini retreat you'll spend just a couple of hours filling your own well and finding relief.

Join Jessica for this afternoon mini retreat at the studio to deeply relax your mind, body and emotions and renew your spirit. The cornerstone of the retreat will be two Yoga Nidra practices. You'll be guided through this powerful practice that allows deep conscious relaxation in all aspects of your being; a far more effective antidote to stress than the simple distractions of the TV or social media. This practice will create a fertile ground for planting the seeds of intention that can powerfully change the course of your daily life in the ways you desire most. 

You'll learn how to formulate this special type of intention, called a Sankalpa, and bring clarity to your life and goals for the future, whatever they may be. As part of our exploration you'll have the time to pause, think and reflect in a supportive environment that will allow you to bring more certainty to your intentions. In between the two Yoga Nidra sessions we'll enjoy a break with some snacks to help sustain us through the afternoon. The studio will provide yogi tea, a warm healing beverage to continue the connection to self and others and the relaxed atmosphere.

Best of all, no prior yoga experience is required! You need only be able to lay down or sit comfortably for 30 minutes and one hour respectively. 

And even better, the peace and ease you'll find at the end of our time together won't just be left behind at the studio! You'll be given a special gift to help you continue nurturing your Sankalpa by practicing at home on your own.

Be sure to bring these items with you to this workshop:

- A notebook and pen

- Any props, blankets or pillows that would make you more comfortable for the Yoga Nidra sessions. We have them at the studio but if you need some special, please bring it along.

- An eye pillow or cloth to place over your eyes. We do have eye pillows at the studio as well, but if you have one you might wish to bring it along.

- A cup or mug for chai so we can avoid unnecessary waste.

- A vegetarian snack to share.

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