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Yoga Fundamentals: Demystifying Chaturanga

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Yoga Fundamentals: Demystifying Chaturanga
with Jessica
Tuesday October 22nd, 7-8:30pm
Cost: $25.00

About this series:

Whether you are a newer practitioner or have a more seasoned practice, these short workshops will focus on some fundamental aspect of the physical practice to reignite your curiosity, find new depth or create new understanding. We’ll go through the basics and then apply them to a progressive series of postures that will allow you to explore aspects of the practice that might not be possible to explore in depth in a regular group class setting. Space will be limited for individual attention. If you find a workshop you'd like to take is sold out, please email us to be placed on a waiting list. If interest is strong, a class may be repeated at a future time with waiting list people given priority.

This workshop: Demystifying Chaturanga

While we have been focusing on this challenging posture in class in the past several weeks, you may still have questions that can’t be answered in a group class setting. Now is the time to ask the questions and get the answers you need! In this workshop we will continue to refine some of the key details of Chaturanga as a pose by itself. We’ll employ some nice “tricks” with props that can help your body build the strength and muscle memory it needs to do the pose well in a class setting, when so many other things may be calling for your attention. Then, we’ll start to look at the particulars of making the transition from Chaturanga to Up Dog (or cobra) safely and effectively. You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of this fundamental pose and the transitions that surround it, all while keeping your shoulders safe. Best of all, you won’t do 1000 chaturangas to make that happen. I promise. ;-)


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