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Yoga and Hiking series

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Yoga & Hiking Series

With Jessica and Iris

Sundays beginning June 23rd through August 18

Regular passcard fees apply 

Pre-registration is required by the Saturday before the hike at noon

Rain or shine! More on this below.

In this progressive series of hikes we’ll explore the intersection between yoga, mindfulness and hiking for physical and mental health. Our experience will include mindfulness techniques for getting more out of your time with Mother Nature and some exploration of the physical postures of yoga that might bring some ease after the cardiovascular workout that hiking can entail.

Our intention with this series is to progress throughout the season, starting with shorter hikes with less elevation gain and eventually building to an attempt at summiting Mount Monadnock or a 4000 footer in the White Mountains. Summits are never guaranteed on any hike. The good of the group and changing weather conditions will always be taken into account with safety being the first priority. 


You may participate in as many or as few of these hikes as you like, but please be sure to be honest about your fitness level as we will be hiking as a group at all times.

Participants in any hike in this series understand that by signing up you are participating at your own risk. Outdoor activities have inherent dangers. Please be aware of these risks by doing your own research before signing up. 

By signing up you also understand that you are responsible for bringing your own equipment. All hikers should carry the 10 essentials with them for any hike. You will be expected to carry your own food and water and have proper footwear. You will not be able to participate should you show up without the required equipment. NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE PROVIDED. We will let you know what equipment we will require in the Saturday afternoon email before the hike (see more on this below). 

The bug repellent of your choice is highly recommended as mosquitoes and Lyme carrying ticks will be a high possibility on any hike in NH during summer. A hike safe card is recommended but not required. 

You should have an active passcard at the time of each hike. Depending on the location of the hike we will be unable to process passcard purchases. Please make your purchase in advance either at the studio, or by logging into the Student Access page and making your purchase in advance. Passcards will be checked for active credits before the instructor leaves for the trailhead in the morning.

An email will be sent to all pre-registered participants on the Saturday before the hike by 5pm with trailhead locations, trip plans and meeting times. Please make sure you register before 5pm on Saturday to receive the email. Also, please make sure that you have added our email address to your “safe list” in order to receive these messages. 

If you decide NOT to join us PLEASE DE-REGISTER by 6am on the Sunday of the hike. We will wait up to 10 minutes past our designated meeting time for you. Should you be marked as a no show YOU WILL LOSE A CREDIT FROM YOUR PASSCARD. This is not the same as our usual weekly class procedures, so please take note. Emergencies will always be accounted for, so please be in communication with us if this is the case.

Carpooling is recommended as some trailheads may have limited parking at certain times of year. We may be able to set this up on the Saturday before the hike but will be unable to guarantee vehicle support. Check with your friends!

We have not included durations intentionally. We recommend that you have a flexible amount of time to be with us and no pressing appointments to return to after our hikes. Where possible, we may included estimated duration times in the Saturday emails.

Questions? Please contact Jessica.

We look forward to being outside with you this summer!

To register for the full series (all 9 classes), fill out the form below. If you wish to sign up for individual weeks, please visit our Schedule Page.

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