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The Energy Body


Cost: $25.00

The wisdom of the ancients tells us there is more to us than the flesh and blood we can see and feel. Beneath it all there is a subtle energetic system that when we pay attention, we can feel and experience. When we begin to notice this subtle energy, we can begin to understand how it expresses in the physical body and mind as thoughts, emotions and the state of our physical and mental health. We can become more aware of how our energy mixes and relates with the energy of those around us. With this awareness, we are more able to manage that energetic system and create a more profound state of wellness.

Join Jessica to learn more about this underlying system through an exploration of the energy body. The energy body is made up of the often talked about Chakras, but also includes other components such as the nadis, the koshas and karma, which we will also examine. We will discuss each of the chakras in detail learning their individual attributes and locations, how they relate to each other and how they relate to and are expressed in the physical body. Through mantra and movement we'll experience each of these centers and begin to tune into our present experience of them. You will leave with a greater understanding of how your energetic system may be working for or against your health and wellness goals and have a clearer idea of what you might be able to do to create change.

Please bring a notebook as you'll want to write many things about this down! Handouts will also be provided.

(Before attending we'd like to recommend you sign up for the newsletter and take the 9 page energy assessment questionnaire provided by our friend Karen Kallie through her website. Karen is a highly knowledgeable and trusted source of information on topics related to this workshop and her questionnaire is one of the best around! You'll find it on her website.)

Jessica M. Lang Wright is the owner and principle teacher of Forever Yoga.  Click this image for a full bio.

Jessica M. Lang Wright is the owner and principle teacher of Forever Yoga.

Click this image for a full bio.

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