Iris Waitt - Instructor

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Iris Waitt (Abhayā), RYT200 has been practicing yoga on and off for most of her life. When she was very small the joy of the practice came mostly from picturing how a certain pose name compared to the animal that it was named after.  Luckily, she has since learned to suppress the giggles that came with this exercise. As her practice progressed, yoga became a much-needed form of stress relief and one of the few “indoorsy” physical activities that kept her sane during the long, slushy winters while at college in Boston.  

It has only been since coming to Forever Yoga in early 2017 that yoga has taken on a deeper, all-encompassing meaning for her. Her practice as a student is now deeply grounded in the desire to cultivate contentment & compassion balanced with discipline and aims to build a greater appreciation for, and awareness of, the gifts that life offers her. As a new teacher (recently graduated from Forever Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program) she seeks to offer classes that help others on their own journeys towards self-discovery and a deeper connection to the beautiful world around us. She is grateful to have the opportunity to walk this path along with her students and hopes to bring a sense of the broader benefits of yoga to each student that she works with.

What people are saying about working with Iris

I love Iris’ dynamic classes! She has a very calming demeanor and soothing voice but also can work us into a sweat! Her classes also have a very smooth flow. I can tell that she cares very deeply about her practice. I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed!

— Joann McDeed

I would heartily encourage everyone to take one of Iris' classes on Wednesday mornings. She is a relatively new teacher at the studio and she is great! Her classes are thoughtfully constructed and skillfully delivered. I have been enjoying them very much -- and personally I am glad that she has joined the roster of wonderful teachers at Forever Yoga.

—Bev Boyer

Iris is a recent grad of Jessica’s teacher training program. From the very first class I took with Iris, I was taken by not only her knowledge, but her easy and natural way of teaching. She has a soothing, calming voice and a positive, caring energy. Her classes are always interesting and she is good at helping her students with poses that may be difficult for them, offering ideas and modifications when needed. Iris is a great addition to the already fantastic line up of teachers at Forever Yoga!

—Tracy V.