Traci Cote - Instructor (on maternity leave)

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Traci Cote, RYT200 began practicing yoga as a graduate student in Boston as a means of relieving the stress that comes from working and going to school full-time. It wasn’t until 2 years later, when she was completing her internship in Florida and didn’t know anyone, that she took her first Ashtanga class and felt like she had come home. Since then, yoga has continued to bring a sense of comfort, purpose, and balance into her adventure of life. As a perpetual student, Traci has had the opportunity to take a variety of classes from many talented yogis, and incorporate their teachings into her own daily asana and meditation practice. This practice provides her the foundations to lead the intentional life she desires, filled with gratitude, kindness, and open-hearted curiosity. She recently fulfilled one of her dreams and graduated from the YogaNH 200-RYT program in Concord, NH. Traci’s background as a school psychologist and experiences working with at-risk youth to increase their self-awareness and improve their emotional health provide her a unique voice as a yoga teacher. Traci strives to create dynamic classes that are accessible for all levels as she encourages students to find their own practice with each flow offered. 

What people are saying about working with Traci

Traci's All levels class is truly available to practitioners at all levels. Her sequences are carefully paced to allow for smooth transitions from one pose to another, and each individual pose is presented with a variety of options giving the student the opportunity to make the pose as easy or as challenging as desired. In addition, she provides encouragement and physical support for students who chose to challenge themselves, creating a safe, comfortable experience. If you have an opportunity to take a class with Traci, jump in!

-- Anne Goldsmith

Recently I have been really enjoying the classes taught by Traci Cote. Her classes are extremely well-crafted, and very engaging. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy, and is always full of suggestions on ways to deepen and extend the poses. If you have not had a chance to take one of her classes, I would encourage you to do so soon!

-- Bev Boyer