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Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for some time, Forever Yoga is a place where you will be seen and cared for, rather than being lost in a crowd. This studio is founded on the deep seated belief that the practice of yoga can be accessible to each of us no matter what our physical, mental or spiritual challenges may be. We offer you a warm, caring environment where you can explore and grow in this practice from a place of equanimity.

Please join us for a class or workshop and allow us to assist you on your personal path.

Coming Events

Fall Transition Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowls – October 28th!!

Everything in and around our bodies resonates to sound and vibration. We all hold within our bones, blood, organs, emotional and etheric bodies, the harmonious vibrational memory that is the organizational patterning for perfect health. Our body’s intelligence knows and remembers perfect health. From time to time, we loose our balance and dis-ease comes into the body. Through the use of the deep stretch of Yin Yoga and the sound of Crystal Bowls, we’ll seek to bring that balance, ease and freedom back to the body in this two hour class.

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Crack the Longing Code Intensive – October 29th!!

Do you struggle with any of these? -Negative Thought Loops -Addictive Tendencies -Traumatic memories/PTSD -Phobias/Fears -Longing -Self Sabotage -Tension -Sadness No matter how enlightened and mindful you become, there is still part of your psyche that is holding onto old traumas and childhood programming. Until you clear the sting of those memories and programs, you will unconsciously sabotage even your best intentions again and again. There is finally a seemingly magical tool that clears these issues quickly, permanently, and efficiently in minutes.

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Forever Yoga

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ph: 603.809.5123

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