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Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for some time, Forever Yoga is a place where you will be seen and cared for, rather than being lost in a crowd. This studio is founded on the deep seated belief that the practice of yoga can be accessible to each of us no matter what our physical, mental or spiritual challenges may be. We offer you a warm, caring environment where you can explore and grow in this practice from a place of equanimity.

Please join us for a class or workshop and allow us to assist you on your personal path.


Coming Events

Yoga Sutras Study Group – Starts February 6th!!

Part book club, part study group, part philosophical exploration, this workshop will allow you to discover the essence of yoga beyond the physical practice. The ancient sages left guidelines that could allow us to navigate our lives with skill and grace in a way that is still very relevant to our modern lives. In this workshop, we’ll explore this ancient wisdom that guides us toward a practice of yoga that permeates our lives throughout the day, rather than just an hour or two on our mats a week.

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Posture Clinic – February 13th!!

Was your first introduction to yoga through a video? Or did your yoga practice begin by just jumping into the first class you could find that would fit into your busy schedule? Do you ever feel like you might have missed something along the way and wish you could back up and start over? Or have you been practicing for awhile but feel like your postures could use a little more refinement? Then this is the workshop for you!

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