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Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for some time, Forever Yoga is a place where you will be seen and cared for, rather than being lost in a crowd. This studio is founded on the deep seated belief that the practice of yoga can be accessible to each of us no matter what our physical, mental or spiritual challenges may be. We offer you a warm, caring environment where you can explore and grow in this practice from a place of equanimity.

Please join us for a class or workshop and allow us to assist you on your personal path.

Coming Events

Yoga by Donation! Friday Night Fundraising Flow – March 10th!!

Join Traci on the first Friday of each month from 5-6:15 for an upbeat flow class that is sure to jumpstart your weekend! A creative sequence, upbeat music and a good sweat will help you let the stress of the week go while doing good for a great cause. This will be a donation-based class, with proceeds going towards a different organization each month.

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Grief & Yoga: A Pathway to Healing – March 18th!!

Whether you’re suffering from the death of a loved one, reeling from a world tragedy, struggling through a divorce or navigating the loss of a significant relationship, a beloved pet, your home or job or trying to come to terms with a medical diagnosis, a financial crisis, aging parents or a big life change – grief can show up in so many different ways in our lives. We may experience it as sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, anxiety, feeling numb or angry or fearful.This 6-hour workshop brings together favorite and effective modalities: Yoga, A Course In Miracles, Meditation, Breathing, Writing and more..

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Forever Yoga

19 Nashua Street, Unit A
Milford, NH 03055
ph: 603.809.5123

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