Space Clearing Mantra bundle

Copy of We all have the power to change the energy in the spaces around us.-2.png
Copy of We all have the power to change the energy in the spaces around us.-2.png

Space Clearing Mantra bundle


Includes 4 Mantras: Om Eim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vicche Namaha, Hung Vajra Peh, Om Vakra-tundaya Hum, Om Shanti Om

Accompaniment: Varies

Why chant these mantras: Have you ever walked into an area and just noticed that it didn’t feel good or right? Or maybe an argument just happened in an area you happen to be in and you feel like you need to “clear the air”? Mantra can be very effective in changing energy and clearing space. Each of the 4 tracks included in this bundle offer you a variety of options for working with the energy in your Sacred Spaces. Learn more about using mantra to clear space in the Ebook “Clearing Your Sacred Spaces” available for purchase here.

Suggestions for use: There are many options for using mantra recordings in your life. Chant along with the recording during your daily practice for guidance or to help learn the mantra. Play the recording in the car and chant along on your drive. Play the recording through headphones during your work day when you can’t chant out loud. Play the recording in an area of your home or office on a loop when you aren’t around to enhance the energy of the space. Play the recording in the background while you work on an important project. The possibilities are endless!

Please note: You will be downloading a .zip file containing the 4 mantras. You’ll need to decompress the file for all 4 mp3s to appear.

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