Jessica M. Lang Wright, owner and principal instructor

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I'm Jessica M. Lang Wright (Suvali) and I’m the owner and principal instructor at Forever Yoga. Before I became a dedicated practitioner of this practice I lived a life full of anxiety and stress. I was working in a job that didn’t call to my heart, dealing with a ridiculously long and difficult commute each day and striving for an “ideal life” that seemed empty and meaningless. I always felt like something was missing, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what that could be. I had a good job, a loving relationship and a supportive family, but happiness seemed like it was always out of my grasp.

In 2009 everything in my world would change. I found a yoga studio to call home after several years of looking, and not long after that found myself facing the most difficult challenge of my life. I was diagnosed with a rare spinal tumor inside of my cervical spine that would require delicate surgery to remove. Suddenly my focus would turn away from striving to succeed and toward simple survival. I found myself, more than ever, needing tools to navigate what was facing me including the contemplation of my own mortality at the tender age of 31.

My yoga practice and my teachers gave me those tools and inspired me to dedicate my life to sharing them with others. I had surgery in May of 2009, began teacher training that fall and have been sharing the practice with others ever since. In 2011 my husband and I moved to NH so we could live a life more aligned with our values and I could pursue my dream of being a full time yoga teacher. I came to own Forever Yoga quickly thereafter, opening our doors July 1, 2012.

Now I spend my days sharing what I love with others and helping people navigate their personal path. Life still has its anxieties, but I now have a toolkit that is full of techniques to navigate them with greater grace and skill. One of my favorite definitions of yoga is that it is “skill in action”. This practice can give you the tools to find yourself navigating life’s challenges with more skill, more grace and more ease. When challenges rise, as they always do, you’ll be prepared to face them. Connecting with yourself, you suddenly find more meaning in the day to day of life and your spiritual journey will bring you greater daily satisfaction, no matters what greets you.

I named the studio Forever Yoga because of my deep belief that we can always benefit from this practice, no matter where we are in life or where we are headed. I have a sincere interest in making yoga and its benefits accessible to people in all walks and stages of life. I invite you to join our community of practitioners, as we work with these tools and support and uplift each other through this journey we call life.

Jessica’s Qualifications

Jessica received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification in 2010 from Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock, NJ where she studied with Sheryl & Neil Edsall and upon graduation, was given the spiritual name Suvali which means “Full of Grace”. She also completed certifications in Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga (2011), Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini (2013) and in March 2014 she completed a weekend Yin Yoga teacher training intensive with Josh Summers. Since graduating from her 200 hour program, Jessica has continued to deepen her studies with various workshops with people such as Jason Crandell, Leslie Kaminoff, Manorama, Marc St. Pierre, Ma Bhaskarananda, Ram Dass, Krishna Das and others. In 2019, Jessica began her 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification with Jason Crandell in San Francisco (in progress).

About Jessica’s Classes

In the few short years since Jessica graduated from her teacher training, she has had the opportunity to work with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities including High School students, the elderly, those with severe health issues and everything in between. Jessica’s classes incorporate careful attention to safety and alignment with the addition of chanting in Sanskrit with the harmonium to honor her musical background and the roots of this practice.


What People Are Saying About Working with Jessica

“Jessica is an outstanding teacher. I learn something new about my abilities, both physical and spiritual, in each class. The studio atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, and the classes are very well conceived to meet the needs of all the students. After about six months time working with Jessica, I find that I am able to do so much more than what I could (or even thought I could) when I began. Jessica is very observant and has the ability to deconstruct whatever it is that I find difficult to do, so that suddenly it is no longer difficult! She’s a great motivator in a warm, humorous, and very positive way. Classes are wonderful, and private session work is especially beneficial. I am very grateful to be one of Jessica’s students.”

– Deborah Heller

“Jessica’s has an incredible ability to break down the more difficult poses and slowly build us up. Every session, week and month has a very clear progression that builds on specific skills. The flow is just so smooth and deliberate that I find myself holding poses that I never thought I would be able to do. She is a masterful instructor!”

- Joann McDeed

“Jessica is a remarkable yoga teacher. Jessica teaches from her beautiful open heart. Her knowledge, presentation and attention to varying individual needs in regards to the practice all combine to create a truly healing, growth enhancing experience. I have really appreciated how she helps class participants build from a firm foundation instead of simply leading people through poses. She also has a wonderful commitment to making yoga accessible, practical and relevant to our modern lifestyle.”

– Karen Kallie

“Jessica has a remarkable ability to target just the parts of my physical, emotional and spiritual self that needs attention each class. Her warm quiet compassion for me shines through, as it does for the entire class. The community she has created is supportive and welcoming…they have become my friends. Forever Yoga is not just a studio, it is a home for me on my mat. The Universe smiled when I walked through the door of Forever Yoga.”

– Sue Clark

“Jessica is knowledgable and extremely sensitive when it comes to guiding a class. Grounded in yoga philosophy and supported by a strong knowledge and understanding of asana and sequencing, she empowers students to create a practice that works for them. Jess has not only built a thriving business but has planted the seed for a community to flourish and grow. Jess uses knowledge, experience, humor, and understanding as she welcomes students to explore ‘their personal yoga experience.”

— Leslie Dowst

“Jessica’s yoga class was fantastic. I had a little bit of experience in yoga from another instructor, however the other instructor did not include much more than just physical poses in their class. In Jessica’s class we began with light stretches and then she would introduce a concept or new breathing practice to be our focus for the class before we began the main asana (physical poses) portion of class. She also incorporated some chant at the end, though she never forced anyone to participate if they did not want to. She was also very accommodating of my needs in class by suggesting modifications to make a pose better work for me, even during group classes. I left each class feeling energized. I also did a private yoga session, and she helped me to find many specific, and sometimes obscure, places where I was holding tension in my body. I left the session informed, with new awareness and with a set of stretches which she recommended for me. She was great to work with and I always felt comfortable in her class. Highly recommended!”

– Chris F.

“Jessica is such a caring person. Her instruction is so calming as she guides each student at the level the individual needs.”

— D. Patterson

“This yoga studio is special because of the instructor/owner, Jessica. She leads students trhough classes with clear instruction so that one is never at a loss as to how to accomplish a pose. And if your body isn’t going to do that pose, she helps you find an alternative. At this studio, everyone has success. I really love this place because all ages and abilities are welcome.”

— Carol Roberts

“When I moved to New Hampshire from New Jersey 3 yrs ago I never expected to find a Yoga studio just 10 minutes from my house. What surprised and delighted me even more was the excellence of this studio. I have seen Forever Yoga grow and grow over the last few years and rightly so. Jessica’s hard work and dedication to her practice have paid off. She is a true professional ………. loving, kind, and, knowledgeable with humor and music sprinkled throughout her classes. Her instructions are clear and concise and she is always ready to assist. The chants and meditations are an added bonus to every class. The variety of classes and workshops offered allows this studio to serve many. I feel blessed to know I can grow in my practice at a place where I know I am getting the best!”

— Patti Booraem