Clearing Your Sacred Spaces ebook

We all have the power to change the energy in the spaces around us..png
We all have the power to change the energy in the spaces around us..png

Clearing Your Sacred Spaces ebook


Have you ever…

walked in a room and felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck for no reason? 

been in a space and noticed that your mood seemed to sink lower and lower? 

walked back into a room after having an argument with someone and felt like that argument was still hanging in the air?

While it may seem a little “out there”, as energetic beings we are sensitive to the energy that fills our spaces. Whether it’s your home, office, car or even an outdoor space, there are times when you can feel the heaviness or negativity in your bones. These are the times when a short clearing session might benefit your health and wellbeing most.

In this 6 page ebook (pdf format) you will learn when you might want to use a space clearing method and how to do so in any situation. Two main methods to work with the energy in your Sacred Spaces are discussed and clear, simple instructions are offered to empower you to create positive change. When you learn and employ these simple tools on a regular basis, you notice a positive shift in your spaces, your own energy and your life.

NOW AVAILABLE!! You may wish to combine this ebook with our Space Clearing Mantras recording bundle available here.

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